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Turning the Earth into a Garden of Eden

Our sister organization, Regeneration Health International (RHI) launched a new website June 1. Melissa Diane Smith, inspired by Andre Leu’s new book, Growing Life: Regenerative Farming and Ranching, has written an excellent article for RHI called: “What is Regenerative Agriculture?”

Smith writes: “Unlike industrial agriculture, regenerative agriculture improves the land rather than depletes it. Regenerative agriculture uses practices that regenerate and revitalize the soil and the environment. Regenerative agriculture sequesters carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to convert into soil organic matter, thereby mitigating climate change.

Regenerative agriculture increases levels of soil organic matter, which leads to multiple positive outcomes in food, nutrition, farming, the environment, and biodiversity. Soil health is the key principle of successful regenerative farming. The practices used to improve soil health can vary from farm to farm.

Imagine turning the Earth into a Garden of Eden where all life flourishes in diversity for the well-being of all. This vision can become a reality by embracing, fostering, adopting and expanding regenerative agriculture, which takes farming to a remarkably beneficial new level.

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