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More Good News: Nations Across the World Are Dropping COVID Restrictions

A recent poll from Monmouth University shows that the majority of Americans (70%) agree that COVID is here to stay and we just need to get on with our lives. According to the poll 53% of Americans oppose vaccine mandates, while 43% (mainly Democrats) still think they are a good idea, even as the Omicron variant, though highly transmissible, turns out to be more like the cold or a mild flu for millions of Americans.

Meanwhile a growing number of nations in Europe have announced an end to all COVID restrictions, either immediately or in the near-future, including the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands. Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland,  Switzerland, Italy, Lithuania, and France.

In the wake of the popular trucker protests in Canada, now joined by farmers and other Canadians, provincial governments in Saskatchewan and Alberta have also announced they will soon start lifting COVID restrictions.

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