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Regeneration Health International

OCA, Regeneration International, and a group of our allies in the food and natural health movement are organizing a new international network called Regeneration Health International (RHI). The founders of RHI, which includes the editors of Organic Bytes, are team of scientists, farmers, activists, artists, physicians, and lawyers. The goal of RHI is to facilitate and catalyze a global movement and alliance dedicated to regenerating personal and public health. RHI work is based on the fundamental principles that food is medicine, and that human health, mental, physical and spiritual, are directly related to societal, environmental, and planetary health. 

OCA is compiling contact lists of individuals and organizations who share our perspective on regenerating health as well as written materials on the theme of food as medicine and examples of regenerative health “best practices” and projects. Please send any suggestions you have or links to resources we should be looking at to

Read the short Mission Statement of HRI