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Numb and Annoyed

In the wake of the pandemic, many of us are trying to regain our mental and physical health and come to terms with our outrage. Tessa Lena, aka Tessa Fights Robots, reports:

“Last week, my home city of New York lifted the mandates. They kinda, sorta lifted the mandates. Some places are still enforcing them, and the toddlers are still required to wear the Mask, and cabs still require the Mask, and our strict masters left the door open to introduce mandates again whenever they please ... But nominally, for now, until the cyberpandemic with coronavirus properties unexpectedly hits, or until we need to lock down for ‘climate’ or aliens or the Russians or whatever they say, the mandates have been lifted, they say. No mandates. How do I feel? Oh hooray, I guess. Our masters are merciful and occasionally generous. They ‘gave us our freedoms back.’ Hooray. They’ve managed to turn basic independent existence into a privilege to be earned. Hooray.” 

“So if you really want to know how I feel, I feel numb and annoyed. I feel like a collective rape has occurred, and the rapist has put on his trousers and left. And here we are.”

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