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The Post-COVID Crisis in Education

Robert Malone reports:

“Healthy children who contract Covid-19 have almost zero chance of death. Severe Covid-19 and children do not usually live in the same universe. However, as outlined in [a recent] UNESCO, UNICEF and World Bank Report, kids are the ones that have suffered the most from the consequences of the world-wide public policies. The school closures, lock-downs, and masking have resulted in unprecedented damage to our children…

“Children with disabilities, marginalized and younger children have been particularly damaged by the school closures. These closures have had measurable impacts on mental health, and have also lead to abusive situations… Although it became clear by early summer 2020 that healthy children were not at risk for severe disease and that school closures were harming children, many countries including the USA kept schools closed anyways.

“In the USA, one of the reasons often given was to protect unhealthy, obese, immunosuppressed and/or elderly family members and school personnel. It was not actually to protect the children from harm, but to protect society from the children. However, multiple studies have shown that children do not significantly contribute to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 disease, but rather it is the adults who tend to infect the children.”

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