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U.S. Funded "Dual-Use" Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine

Dr. Mercola writes:

“According to Russian officials, the U.S. government has been financing and helping Ukraine develop a secret bioweapons program.

“According to the U.S. government, they’ve been working with Ukraine to ‘eliminate’ bioweapons left over from the Soviet era. This was then changed to: The U.S. is helping ‘secure’ former Soviet bioweapons. Other denials have stated that the labs are diagnostic and biodefense laboratories, or that they’re used for vaccine development.

“The concepts of biodefense and biowarfare are largely indistinguishable. ‘Biodefense’ implies tacit biowarfare, as they typically create dangerous pathogens under the guise of finding a cure in case such a pathogen was to develop naturally or be created by an enemy.

“March 8, 2022, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland admitted that ‘biological research laboratories’ in Ukraine have been funded and operated under the direction of the U.S. 

“Nuland stressed that she’s very concerned about the contents of those labs falling into the hands of the Russian military, because Russia may use the pathogens as bioweapons. But the only reason to be concerned about that is if they’re extremely dangerous and NOT former Soviet bioweapons (as Russia would already have them).

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