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Highlighting the Good

The last few years have generated a relentless stream of bad news so discouraging, you’ve no doubt been tempted to give up. So thank you for your continued participation and support.

In the face of slander and censorship, we have survived as a Movement for organic food and farming, natural health, peace, and justice. We have built up and maintained a counter-culture of truth-telling. OCA and RI and our allies have not only survived, but we have significantly expanded our reach and our influence.

We are relieved that the highly transmissible, but far less virulent Omicron variant, as we explained in last week’s newsletter, will likely mark the beginning of the end of the pandemic over the next few months, even though the powers that be seem hell-bent on fear-mongering and increasing their already authoritarian control.

Now is the time for resisting illegitimate authority, and picking up the pieces of our shattered Democracy. Now is the time to bring people back together under the banner of regenerative food, farming, and land use, natural health, and Constitutionally-based participatory democracy. Our obligations are clear: shut down the “dual-use” bioweapons labs. Stop the weaponizing of pathogens that caused the COVID-19 pandemic. And make organic food-as-medicine, and natural health practices and remedies, the norm, not just the alternative.

We at OCA want to thank you for your loyalty, support, and engagement over the past tumultuous year, surely the nation and the planet’s darkest hour since the Second World War. I don’t need to remind you that you and I, our children and grandchildren, are standing at the crossroads, living under the fearful shroud of what can only be described as a 21st Century political, economic, environmental, public health, and climate Emergency.

Over the next year we will continue our decades-long campaign to educate and mobilize the public.  As always we will expose the bad—how our deteriorating public health and chronic disease epidemic is directly related to our degenerative food, farming, and land use practices—while highlighting the good—how organic and local food and natural health practices can resolve our health, environmental, and climate crisis. 

But we need your help to step up our truth-telling as we campaign to regenerate our politics, food, farming, and health.

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