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Our Dystopian Reality

Tessa Lena, aka “Tessa Fighting Robots” writes:

“Hello descendants. I am writing this from America. Things are weird. Our governments have betrayed us, our science has been kidnapped and put on a ventilator, and our social media is already dead. As we are approaching two years of this insanity, I want you to hear the story of how this tower of lies was built…

“In March 2020, the world went mad, and basic things like hugging a friend or going to visit your parents were declared extreme. Borders were closed. Children were kept away from school. Privacy was made a crime. Elder abuse was gloried. Going to a grocery store or just for a walk outside suddenly required donning a ritual mask.

“It was as if the wheel was hijacked by cruel lunatics, and they just started barking orders at everyone that made no sense and caused tremendous pain — but the citizens were too shocked, and they obeyed…”

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