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Russell Brand and Matt Taibbi on the Great Reset

Russell Brand interviews renowned U.S. journalist Matt Taibbi, on how did the Great Reset (centralizing the power of the global elite and transferring wealth from the working class to the ruling class) and the economic and food crisis come about, and why people are losing faith in Democracy.

Did the Great Reset originate during the Obama Administration after the Wall Street Crash, when the government bailed out the banks and screwed homeowners and the working class, or during 2016-2020 when business as usual continued, despite the clever and effective rhetoric of Trump, demonizing the greed of the rich and corruption of federal officials?

Or did the Great Reset just recently emerge during the 2020-22 Pandemania, when an international non-elected financial and Big Pharma/medical elite  joined forces with the federal government and Silicon Valley to mandate experimental vaccines, masks, lockdowns, and disastrous school and business closures, dumping 4.6 trillion dollars into the stock market, making the millionaires and billionaires wealthier than ever, leaving the rest of us traumatized, marginalized, polarized and impoverished?

Watch the 14-minute interview: The Great Reset is Real!