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Resolution 2022: Regenerating Health

Along with our allies in the anti-GMO and organic food movement, and our natural health, health freedom, and holistic medicine partners, OCA will be joining up with a new national and international movement and campaign in 2022 called Regeneration Health. As Regeneration Health co-founder Dr. Michelle Perro, pediatrician, homeopath, and Director of GMOScience explains:

“Regeneration Health is the creation of a platform to reorient/educate the public regarding regenerating health. The main thrust is to recreate a positive experience instead of being on the defensive in a pharma-driven narrative. The focus of the platform is to become a center of excellence, resources, education, networking and outreach in the arena of holistic/integrative health.

“Regeneration Health will bring regenerative health practitioners, consumers, and activists together to share insights and engage in collective action to address the current degeneration of public health in the U.S. and abroad.

“This coalition, in conjunction with other organizations such as Regeneration International, OCA and GMOScience, will be coordinated by an international steering committee with one of its primary objectives showcasing, 'Food as Medicine.'"

Stay tuned for more information as we join in to build this new coalition in 2022.