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Organic & Regenerative as the Norm

OCA, Regeneration International, and Hudson Carbon are currently working on a grassroots-powered global campaign to help make the best practices of organic and regenerative food, farming, land use, and health the norm, rather than just the alternative. While defending ourselves and our communities from the now daily assaults of a global cabal—WEF, Bill Gates, Monsanto/Bayer and the Poison Cartel, Big Pharma, indentured gene engineers, bioweapons scientists, and militarists engaged in “Russian Roulette,” we are committed to keeping our eyes on the prize. In these troubled times, we pledge to stop the madness and build a new organic commonwealth on the ruins of the old.

Among our most important tasks are to strengthen local-to-global farmer, consumer, and natural health networks; unite the organic and grass-fed/pasture raised-movements; identify and publicize the best organic and regenerative farming and grazing practices that can be scaled up; and, last but not least, find additional funding and support to improve and expand our alternative food and agriculture system.

A key aspect of getting funding for farmers, ranchers, and rural communities on the ground to improve and scale up their organic and regenerative practices, while attracting organic-minded impact investors to increase market access and build organic/regenerative infrastructure, is our coalition’s work to finalize and roll-out a new system of “Regenerative Organic Carbon Credits.” (ROCCs).

We have been working with our sister organizations, Regeneration International and Hudson Carbon, on the ROCC project for the past three years. In previous issues of Organic Bytes, we have publicized the work of the farmers in the Organic and Regenerative Investment Coop in Australia who have pioneered the ROCC process, measuring, monetizing, and rewarding organic and regenerative best practices, while attracting new investors for improved organic market access and infrastructure development.

ROCCs are designed to reward organic best practitioners (i.e. not the “corporate organic” imposters trying to drag down standards) for the full environmental, health, and social benefits of their hard work and stewardship as well as their climate-healthy soil and above ground carbon sequestration. The idea is to revitalize pre-existing networks of organic farmers and certifiers, (literally millions of organic farmers in more than 100 nations) helping them achieve their full potential to become truly regenerative, while simultaneously motivating millions of presently de facto organic, but non-certified, farmers and grazers to get certified and become potentially eligible for a new “Regenerative Organic Carbon Plus” system. The ROCC system will provide an alternative to the now heavily discredited system of carbon credits and carbon trading (a 65 billion-dollar annual market) which amounts to little more than greenwashing for Big Ag, Big Food, and the Big Polluters.

As partisans in the organic movement we are proud of creating a massive global network of producers and consumers for organic foods and products. But, in the face of a life or death crisis, we are expanding our ranks, market share, and acreage far too slowly. Meanwhile most small, indigenous, and disadvantaged farmers and low-income consumers are still being marginalized or left behind.

We need your help and participation to not only safeguard the integrity of organics, but, over the next decade, to make Organic and Regenerative food, farming, land use, and health the norm, not just the alternative.

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