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21st Century Dystopia: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Tessa Lena (aka "Tessa Fighting Robots”) in this must-read commentary explains how you can talk to your liberal and progressive friends who have lost their minds during the pandemic. Instead of just talking about lab origins, rigged science, manipulated statistics, vaccine injuries and deaths, child abuse, and fear-mongering, how about the troubling convergence of gene editing, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, automation, neurotechnology, vaccine passports, digital surveillance, psychologically augmenting soldiers fighting ability, and authoritarian government control? 

Lena quotes the Rand corporation, a longstanding U.S. military advisor, on the high-tech, transhumanist future that our elites have in mind, which they call the “Internet of Bodies.” The IOB is designed to “track, record, and store users' whereabouts, bodily functions, and what they see, hear, and even think. These devices vary greatly in how they are used — some are freestanding, such as infusion pumps and sensor- equipped hospital beds; others are wearable, such as health trackers and prosthetics; and others are implanted, such as cardiac devices and ingestible digital pills."

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