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Ban Reckless “GOF” Engineering

Today, June 24, 2021, OCA and our allies are formally launching a global campaign to ban dangerous “Gain-of-Function” experiments. 

“Gain-of-Function” is a euphemism for what is actually, to use the words of Center for Food Safety Director Andy Kimbrell, reckless “Gain-of Threat” engineering, whereby viruses, bacteria, insects, and other microorganisms are being genetically engineered and manipulated to become more contagious and virulent in accident-prone labs (both military and civilian), with little or no effective oversight or regulation. 

Virologists, genetic engineers, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, governments, public health elites, and the military-industrial complex—those carrying out and funding this reckless GOF engineering—continue to hide behind the dangerous, self-serving lie that GOF is necessary for bio-defense, pharmaceutical drug research, and vaccine development. And yet no effective vaccine or drug has ever emerged out of this GOF research.

The Ban GOF campaign comes in the wake of mounting, now overwhelming, evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic arose out of a joint US-China collaboration in Wuhan, China to “soup up” SARS bat coronaviruses, resulting in a catastrophic accident that has triggered the death of millions and detonated a multi-trillion-dollar meltdown of the global economy. 

Highly destructive, scientifically unjustified, authoritarian government responses and lockdowns have especially damaged the lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable—the elderly, the working class, low-income communities, minorities, small businesses, students, and youth. 

Meanwhile, the global economic elite who clearly anticipated this catastrophic lab release and pandemic—the billionaire class, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, and their collaborators—have profited handsomely from COVID censorship, fear-mongering, and lockdowns, consolidating their enormous monopoly power and wealth in what Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum call a “Great Reset.”

Over the next few months OCA and our allies will begin to build a U.S. and international coalition to ban all GOF experiments and rewrite global treaties such as the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention to prevent any and all PPPs (Potential Pandemic Pathogens) from being collected and engineered in labs, whether civilian or military.

Please sign our Ban GOF petition and encourage everyone you know to do the same

If you are a member of an organization that wishes to join this new Ban GOF coalition, please email