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EU Call for Mandatory Labeling and Regulation of New CRISPR and Gene-Edited Foods

UK activist group Beyond GM quotes EU industry spokespersons “As representatives of key European retailers we insist that the existing EU GMO legislation – with the precautionary principle and transparency requirements as its central pillars – continue to be applied to new GMOs. New GMOs must continue to be regulated in the same manner as old GMOs,” is one of the key demands of the resolution, which also refers to the corresponding ruling of the European Court of Justice of 25 July 2018.

“The food retailers express their great concern that the EU Commission might give in to years of massive pressure from the biotech and seed lobby and immediately initiate deregulation for some or all new genetic engineering techniques.” At the present time the US requires no labeling and minimal or no regulation of new gene-edited or CRISPR foods.

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