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Kim Iverson—A Sane Voice in the Mass Media

For the past month I’ve been following the commentaries of Kim Iverson on the national video podcast called Rising. She’s one of the few mainstream journalists today exposing the conventional lies and damn lies about COVID, media censorship, authoritarian social control, deteriorating public health, medical disinformation, Afghanistan, military and Big Pharma profiteering, and Washington corruption.

As Iverson explains in this recent podcast on Joe Rogan coming down with COVID, and then quickly recovering with Ivermectin and other remedies, YouTube won’t allow you to say the word “Ivermectin,” on a podcast, even though this safe, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral drug has been proven safe and effective in preventing and treating COVID more than 30 countries across the world.

See: STORIES, Videos & Art from Doctors, Researchers, COVID-19 Survivors, Artists, Musicians, & Supporters of Ivermectin Around the World

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Here’s Iverson’s take on why are we forcing vaccines on those who have recovered from COVID and subsequently have strong natural immunity

Iverson on Ivermectin

And finally another commentary on how deteriorating public health and obesity are primary drivers of COVID hospitalizations and deaths