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Cover-Up #2: Vaccine Mania

Vaccine mania is sweeping the nation. One cannot go a day without hearing about the COVID vaccine and the need for increased vaccination rates so “we can get back to normal.” 

However, since the COVID vaccine supply is now exceeding demand, it reveals that many people do not want the vaccine, and public health authorities are turning to more “coercive” incentives.

Media organizations are pressuring people to get the vaccine by name-calling, universities are requiring the COVID vaccine for those wanting to attend college, criminals are being offered reduced sentences for vaccinating, and businesses are using vaccine passports as an “incentive” to vaccinate despite the public backlash against them and the new inequalities it is creating. 

All of this occurs in the backdrop of censorship of public health criticism by Big Tech that is implicitly encouraged by lawmakers.

With this new normal, it can feel like we are living in a crazy-land. Even our top politicians have taken a strangely paternalistic obey-us-or-else tone. President Biden tweeted earlier in the week: "The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours."

All of these efforts have one mission, to protect the public from COVID-19. However, an important question remains, “What about COVID vaccine injury?”  

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