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Regenerating Hope

It seems every day we hear of how bleak our environmental future looks: droughts, floods, forest fires, extreme weather, melting ice caps and dwindling freshwater supply are among the major issues. Recently, however, we heard some hopeful news that we want to share.

Our friends at White Buffalo Land Trust have bought a 1,000-acre ranch near Santa Barbara, California, with plans to regenerate the land and create a research and education center focused on regenerative agriculture:

“So the center specifically will host workshops and courses and field days. We will be modeling different cropping systems and livestock management systems that are appropriate for the climate context and culture of this place, and we will be engaging with ongoing research, collaboration with institutions of higher education and research partners.”

White Buffalo Land Trust says it hopes to inspire and inform other projects and individuals by “demonstrating the power and potential of regenerative agriculture and the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture to actually restore ecosystems through the process of agriculture.

Well, we have to say it’s already inspiring us and regenerating our hope for a healthy future on this planet. 

Learn more: Environmental Nonprofit Acquires 1,000-Acre Santa Barbara Ranch for Regenerative Agriculture Center