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What Else Are They Covering Up?

Now that OCA and our allies (, Children’s Health Defense, GM Watch, US Right to Know, Alliance for Natural Health, DRASTIC, Unlimited Hangout, and others) have forced the mass media, the White House, and even a growing, bi-partisan group of Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress to begin to admit that SARS-CoV-2 likely leaked from a secretive, accident-prone lab in Wuhan, China, rather than being a natural occurrence, we need to look at what else is being covered-up about COVID-19. 

Even Big Pharma-indentured Facebook announced this week that they will no longer censor information on the lab origins of COVID-19, meanwhile continuing to censor alternative information about prevention, treatment, and vaccine safety issues.

Now that we have begun to expose the fact that the Chinese government, the Trump and Biden administrations, a cabal of US, Chinese, and international scientists carrying out reckless so-called “Gain-of-Function” experiments on viruses, aided and abetted by Big Pharma and Silicon Valley, have been trying to cover-up or downplay the importance of this catastrophic lab accident, we need to broaden our attention to include other, life-or-death cover-ups surrounding the pandemic.

For a full critique of the “official story” on the origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19, and an exposé of Bill Gates and the global elite’s diabolical plan for a Great Reset, please purchase my new book, co-authored with Dr. Mercola, with a powerful Foreword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., The Truth About COVID-19.

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