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Here's the Thing

As if working for a toxic-free food and farming system weren’t enough of an uphill battle, what with the massive lobbying power of Big Chemical, Big Food, Big Agribusiness and Big Pharma—now we’re trying to do that work under the crushing weight of a pandemic and a crumbling economy.

Some well-meaning friends have suggested that while our work is well-intentioned, it’s also futile.

After all, Trump’s administration has already reversed nearly 70 environmental regulations in its never-ending quest to enrich corporations. Another 30 laws are on the chopping block.

In an anti-health, anti-clean environment, anti-anything-except-corporate-profits administration, why bother?

Here’s the thing: We have to lay the foundation for positive change now. So we can hit the ground running when the regulatory climate takes a turn for the better.

We’re not naive—even if Biden prevails in November, his ties to Big Pharma, Big Oil and other industries means we’ll still have our work cut out for us.

But there’s an undeniable movement, rising up from the grassroots, to radically transform every aspect of our economy and our society. To start putting people—all people—ahead of corporate profits.

That’s what our work is now. Building coalitions. Working with key lawmakers and movement-building organizations to develop concrete policy reforms. Educating consumers on how they can play a role in this inevitable transformation.

We need to be ready. And we'll need your help.

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