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Radical Reform

Why should we ban factory farms? 

We counted at least 13 Reasons—including preventing future pandemics. Here they are.

Who should lead the effort to ban factory farms? 

Consumers can, and must, play a major role in ending industrial factory farms.

We can do that by boycotting industrially produced meat and animal products. And by supporting local producers of organic regenerative grass-fed and pastured meat and animal products—in stores and restaurants.

But consumers alone can’t end factory farming. Policymakers need to step up. That’s why we need tens of thousands of people to sign this petition. So we can use it over and over to convince local, state and federal lawmakers to take action.

Please sign. And then share widely with friends, family and social media networks.

Little changes to a failed system that exploits workers and animals, and threatens public health and the environment, won’t do.

It’s time to get radical.

SIGN THE PETITION: It’s Time for Radical Reform: No More Factory Farms!

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