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Blame Game?

OCA has always vigorously opposed genetic engineering in our food system, citing unintended consequences as just one of the many reasons.

That’s why the possibility (and increasing probability) that COVID-19 was genetically engineered—by researchers funded by both Chinese and U.S. governments and institutions—and that the virus somehow escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), is a story we believe everyone has the right to know about.

Yet as Jonathan Latham writes this week.

"Unfortunately, in the US at least, the question of the pandemic’s origin has become a political football; either an opportunity for Sinophobia or a partisan ‘blame game.’”

Latham is quick to warn, however, that “the potential of a catastrophic lab release is not a game.” Especially considering that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is currently constructing a new and expanded national Bio and Agro-defense facility in Manhattan, Kansas—one that the DHS itself estimates has a 70-percent risk of an accident occurring over a 50-year period.

A 70-percent risk is nothing to sneeze at. But according to Latham, when a National Research Council committee inspected the DHS estimates they concluded that the risks and costs "could well be significantly higher than that."

This week we feature Latham’s latest article, and also an article by André Leu that digs into the science of how researchers can genetically engineer viruses—without a trace.

Genetically engineered food is so bad for your health, it may kill you over time. Genetically engineered viruses can spell almost instant death.

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