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Friends in Need

The Minnesota Twin Cities area has been devastated, both by the murder of George Floyd and the events triggered by this latest injustice.

Communities there are trying to heal. Can you help by supporting this project to provide COVID-19 care packages for community members in need?

Many peaceful protesters have likely been exposed to COVID-19. And the COVID-19 data clearly shows that Black people who get the virus are more likely to have negative outcomes. 

To prepare for this crisis, organizers of the Twin Cities Mutual Aid Society are collecting donations of money and supplies. 

Some of the money will be used to create wellness kits which include traditional/alternative medicines and other immune-support products, such as electrolyte powder packets and vitamins. Other items will include a thermometer and PPE (masks, gloves, etc) as available, to help manage COVID-19 symptoms.

Funds will also be used to offer small stipends to outreach workers who will distribute the packs throughout the Twin Cities.

OCA was founded and is based in Minnesota, and some of our staff live in the Twin Cities area. This is our way of supporting our home community.

Please make a generous donation at this time, if you are able. And please stay safe.

Make a tax-deductible donation for the Twin Cities Mutual Aid Society

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