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"Gain-of-Function" is Euphemism for Bioweapons

Sam Husseini writes:

“Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday likened ‘Gain of Function’ lab work to the creation of bioweapons … Musk indicated that [President Barack] Obama put such work on pause, but that’s not really what happened. In 2014, Obama placed a pause on federal funding of such dangerous lab work. He didn’t actually put a stop to such work. Moreover, Obama allowed exemptions to this funding pause. One of the exemptions funded was work done jointly by U.S. scientists from the University of North Carolina, Harvard and the Wuhan Institute of Virology and may well have caused the Covid pandemic. This work — which had funding from USAID and EcoHealth Alliance not originally acknowledged — was published in 2015 in Nature Medicine

Three years ago, many people thought biowarfare didn’t exist… That was wrong as I and others repeatedly argued. Now, the sensible thing is to end it. Musk and some Republicans could have in mind to, in the name of ‘transparency,’ acknowledge that it’s biowarfare, [but] have a corrupt WHO regulate it, and in the name of ‘honesty’ put it more openly under military control…”

My comment on Sam Husseini’s blog post: OCA agrees. We need to put an end to gain-of-function (i.e. “gain of threat”) experimentation, period. But let’s take advantage of the publicity that Musk and the new Republican-controlled House of Republicans will stir up in 2023 regarding putting an end to the insane practice of weaponizing viruses and pathogens. Let’s build an independent coalition to stop the next pandemic, before it starts.

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