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From Local to Global the Organic Revolution Scales Up

Any revolution must begin small. This is especially true with the organic and regenerative revolution that must grow to save our world environment. 

Local towns, municipalities, and farms are beginning to find the social, environmental, and monetary gains that come from farming regeneratively. Not only does regenerative farming enrich the soil, but it creates jobs and cohesion in communities, and can ultimately increase yields and profits for the farmers.

But the knowledge on how to go regenerative can be tricky to navigate. Farmers can run into problems, or hit a wall of progress, and end up quitting before seeing the benefits. 

This is precisely the work that OCA’s sister organization, Regeneration International (RI), is doing around the world. Most recently, they have joined the virtual launch of the first Global Alliance for Organic Districts (GAOD), an alliance announced on World Food Day 2020 between Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture (ALGOA) and the International Network of Eco Regions (I.N.N.E.R.)

This alliance will work to create synergy and share knowledge on regenerative and organic agriculture practices between a diverse group of organizations across the globe.

RI’s role in the alliance is to promote and highlight soil health as the most effective tool to curb climate change while providing local communities with nutrient-dense food. 

The virtual launch video of GAOD is incredibly uplifting and inspiring. Watch the video and stay tuned for more updates on the global regeneration front! 

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