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America’s Recipe for Systemic Disintegration

Longtime OCA allies Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null tell it like it is:

“More than ever before in American history people are no longer able to trust their leaders in government, industry and the media…

For example, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, it was understandable that we lacked sufficient, objective information to make informed judgments and decisions. All of the data about the new coronavirus strain and its spread was derived and disseminated from official sources. Therefore, we had to rely upon the reputation of the professional institutions and the believability of so-called experts to guide us.

Without being political, partisan or biased, we can now review the official narrative and determine what was true, false and remains unproven. We were told there were enormous numbers of deaths among the elderly to justify emergency measures to rapidly develop novel drugs and new vaccines. However, the evidence shows the opposite. The vast majority of deaths in hospitals, critical care centers and nursing homes were people who died from pre-existing comorbidities that may have been complicated by SARS-2 infection. In addition, the earlier accepted course of treatment – quarantine and oxygen therapy – was shown to be largely ineffective and, in fact, further complicated rising mortality rates. Locking down entire cities and quarantining large numbers of presumably infected people did nothing to stop the pandemic. Such brash measures miscalculated the long-term consequences. Throughout the pandemic depression and anxiety, suicides, alcohol consumption and drug overdoses reached record highs.

In addition, all of the propaganda about the COVID vaccines being safe and effective was indisputably erroneous. Clearly when the major institutions that create and execute national health policies are repeatedly wrong and misguided, the public quickly loses trust. These public health debacles, as well as other issues, cost taxpayers enormous sums. The latest is a $40 billion aid package to dump into the Ukrainian government’s losing war with Russia. It is unfathomable that supporting a nation militarily and economically, which has been ranked as the most corrupt in Europe, would take precedence over the severe crises in the domestic economy…

Throughout the US, people are waking up to a once in a lifetime experience that our body-politics are built upon a fragile foundation held together with scotch tape and paper clips. Others are waking up to the reality that they may be evicted from their homes and apartments tomorrow. About 75 percent of restaurants and bars closed during the pandemic will never reopen again. Yet the sole message fed to us daily by the mainstream media is that the only important issue on hand is to remain fearful of a virus, get tested, and keep up with your Covid-19 vaccine boosters.

Governors, state legislators and mayors contribute to the collective hysteria and are determined to pass bills to impose strict penalties on those who resist. Google, Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia do their best to ensure that no medical experts, advocates or common citizens with data or facts on social platforms contradict the official health policies and narratives.

In the meantime, the nightly news, depending upon the political ideology of the network, airs politicized rhetoric and images of Washington’s spin for that day to keep the masses paralyzed in a state of fear and helplessness…There have always been conflicting attitudes towards social order or how the nation should be governed. But today what we are observing is not concerted efforts to advance improvements for how we govern ourselves, but rather we are retreating backwards into tribalism, identity politics and a new class warfare. No one can predict where this conflict and confusion will ultimately lead.

Identity politics, the effort for groups based upon race, social status, gender or religion to create exclusive political alliances founded on groupthink, has found its scriptures in both the Left and the Right. On the Left we find the insane rationale that if one is born Caucasian then racism is built into your genetic inheritance. There can be no escape from this curse, no redemption or purification by fire regardless of how much public service one performs for the greater good. On the Right we have the identity politics of white supremacism, anti-Semitism, and a fascist Christian evangelicalism…”

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