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Bill Gates: Philanthropist or Power Mad Technocrat?

Big Money, personified by Bill Gates, has seized control of our scientific, agricultural, and health agenda and institutions, manipulating the media, educational institutions, and politics, shredding our basic rights, severely damaging public health, and destroying the livelihoods of small businesses, family farmers. and everyday people.

The pandemic, mandates, and lockdowns have been a global tragedy… but what have the last few years taught us about the unprecedented control exercised by Bill Gates, the Gates/China/US funded-WHO (World Health Organization), Big Food, and Big Pharma, aided and abetted by Big Tech and Big Media? Who is really in control of the healthcare, food, and economic systems that are supposed to protect and support us? Russell Brand speaks with renowned journalist, Kim Iversen about how the pandemic has exposed the real and frightening “Great Reset” agenda and unprecedented power of Bill Gates and the Global Elite.

Watch this 17 minute video interview