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Bill Gates and the Frame Game

The Brownstone Institute reports on what appears to be an admission at the Davos, Switzerland world elite gathering recently by vaccine profiteer Bill Gates that the experimental COVID “vaccines” don’t work to stop transmission and that vaccine passports are not viable. “In the course of a 56-minute panel discussion the vaccine pusher [Gates] extraordinaire admitted (starting at the 18:22 mark) that the COVID vaccines do not block infection and that the duration of whatever protection they bring to the table is extremely short… He later talked (starting at 51:00 mark) of the absurdity of implementing any COVID passport program—and one can logically deduce any other measure to segregate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated—when the injections have shown no ability to do the least that one should expect from a vaccine: prevent infection and transmission.

These admissions violently kick the stool out from under the arguments made in favor of the more assaultive and damaging COVID ‘containment measures’ taken in the past two years, many of which are still being pursued with pitiless vigor by public officials, CEOs, and educational ‘leaders’ all around the world.

Are we to believe that Bill Gates had a sudden impulse to undermine all that he used his billions to mercilessly promote over the last two years? And that he was giving all those currently carrying out those plans permission to stand down?

It’s a nice thought. But I don’t believe it to be the case.

No. Bill was simply engaging in one of the more tried and true techniques of elite information management, the limited hangout, or what I prefer to call a drive to ‘save the frame’ of an argument that is quickly taking on water.

Since Bill and many of the people he has paired up with to force the experimental and often harmful vaccines upon the world, effectively own or have donated untold amounts of money to many of the world’s more important media outlets, he knew beforehand that he did not have to worry much about his words being widely circulated.

And so it was. Only relatively small independent news gatherers took any note of what he said. He was speaking to the fellow true believers and providing them with a rhetorical model for handling the loss of faith some among their ranks are having in the face of the vaccines’ abject failure.

The key to understanding the frame game here is the clause Gates uttered right before the ‘but’ with which he introduced his truthful words about the ‘vaccines’ pitiful infection-blocking capabilities and short duration of effectiveness: ‘The vaccines have saved millions of lives.’

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