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Bill Gates’ Virus Hunter

In our recent profile of Bill Gates, we questioned whether the Microsoft co-founder eerily (and accurately) predicted the COVID-19 pandemic or if he actually had a hand in creating the current pandemic. 

After further research, we learned that Gates is not just involved in the collection and manipulation of deadly viruses—virus hunting is one of his passions. 

When Anthony Fauci decided to fund research on the H5N1 bird flu virus that was akin to weaponization, Gates directed grants from his foundation to support Fauci’s hand-picked scientists and their gain-of-function experiments. 

Today, Gates employs America’s top virus hunter, Dr. Scott F. Dowell, the Gates Foundation’s deputy director for surveillance and epidemiology. 

Our new report, “Meet Scott Dowell: Bill Gates’ Virus Hunter,” spotlights Dowell and his role in performing risky gain-of-function experiments that closely mirror the work of virus hunters who are likely responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For more than two decades, Dowell worked for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, leading the department’s global infectious disease surveillance. He partnered with the Pentagon on his CDC work to create a vast global network of laboratories for virus hunting and gain-of-function research. 

Dowell’s work has helped position the U.S. military as the world’s largest pharmaceutical company.

This dangerous work of hunting viruses, and manipulating them to be more deadly and more transmissible, must stop now. 

It’s time to bring the perpetrators of this pandemic to justice and put them on trial at an international Biowarfare Crimes Tribunal.

It’s time to strengthen the International Bioweapons Protocol to ban so-called “gain-of-function” experiments forever. 

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