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It's Our Job

As the days and weeks and months roll on, it gets harder to remember a time when the words “COVID” and “pandemic” didn’t permeate every aspect of our daily lives — or at least didn’t dominate mainstream media headlines.

Early on, as panic-buying set in and grocery store shelves were stripped by nervous consumers, Big Meat titans like Smithfield, Tyson, Cargill and others also made headlines . . . and not in a good way.

After years of claiming they and their industrial factory farm practices were ‘the only way to feed the world,' Big Meat corporations were exposed for failing at even that.

As the pandemic disrupted Big Meat’s supply chains, local, independent, organic and regenerative farmers stepped in to fill the gap.

As Big Meat corporations were called out for grabbing millions in emergency relief funds while failing to protect their workers at processing plants, consumers flocked to local producers for meat produced in or near their communities.

Big Meat had its 15 minutes of fame. But the headlines soon faded. The media moved on.

OCA has been “covering” the Big Meat story for decades. 

And we have not moved on.

We recently filed an FTC complaint against Cargill for falsely claiming that its Honeysuckle turkey products come from turkeys raised by “independent farmers.”

This week, the courts ruled that, just as we alleged in our lawsuit against Smithfield, consumers might reasonably expect pork products advertised as “the safest” in the world wouldn’t contain antibiotic-resistant germs, carcinogenic drugs — and wouldn’t be produced at facilities where outbreaks of COVID-19 had occurred.

We may not be making headline news with our sustained campaign against Big Meat’s industrial factory farms.

But thanks to you, we are making headway against the corporations that are polluting our waterways, degrading our soils, torturing animals and selling products that contribute to a massive public health crisis.

It’s our job to be a constant thorn in the side of Big Meat. Your donations help us do that.

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