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Trusting Our Strength

It seems there is no better time—than in the midst of a global pandemic—to talk about the importance of a healthy immune system. Yet, this is not the narrative most of us have been hearing. 

Instead, our government and the mainstream media have chosen to focus on spreading fear about the virus, enforcing worldwide lockdowns and convincing the general public that we are so fragile that our only chance out of this mess is through Big Pharma in the form of a vaccine. 

But are we as vulnerable to COVID-19 as our public health authorities want us to believe? 

Nate Doromal, a specialist in strategic marketing and systems engineering, recently wrote something that really resonated with us. We think it might resonate with you, too.

“The message of our fragility is everywhere. We are told, ‘you’re fragile—don’t go out, stay inside, and follow the rules. Presume you’re already sick and that you caught the virus.’ There it is again. You’re weak and fragile.”

Perhaps the most dangerous thing about Covid is that we “lose faith and forget our strength and power,” says Doromal. 

“We were always a resilient people, both individually and as a community. Covid has shown us the need to utilize our strengths to become more resilient, more antifragile in the face of stress and trying circumstances.”

It’s true. Humans are incredibly resilient, both mentally and physically. 

Our bodies have a resilience that allows us to quickly bounce back from injury. We are also built with a powerful (and extraordinarily complex) immune system, one that is key to warding off disease. As Doromal points out: 

“Something that has become clear with the Covid-19 data is that the overall health status of the individual is an important marker for how serious a Covid-19 infection can become.”

This means that living a healthy lifestyle has never been more important, and having the confidence to make healthy choices, matters. 

Next time the doom and gloom narrative of Covid gets you down, take action for your health. Go for a walk. Get some sun on your face. Eat a healthy, organic meal. Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. 

Lastly, do not forget your strength. Our bodies are often stronger than our minds give us credit for. 

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