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Dr. Mercola: Surviving 2023

Dr. Mercola writes:

“People all over the world face a long list of growing crises, from food and energy shortages to worldwide tyranny and enslavement through programmable central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and the steady creation of a ‘one world government.’

It is crucial to understand these threats and take action to prepare for, resist and overcome them…

The COVID plandemic was successfully implemented through fearmongering. Ditto for the rollout of the COVID jabs. Fear is the most potent weapon The Great Reset cabal has at its disposal, and we can expect them to use it again and again.

The antidote to fearmongering is education and sharing the truth with others, and the perfect antidote to fear itself is love. For nearly the past three years, mainstream media, celebrities, health officials, medical professionals, family and friends publicly condemned, mocked and threatened those who didn't agree with masking, social distancing, lockdowns and experimental injections.

Many of us still live with those scars. But we must not respond in kind as we move forward. If we want a more humane society, we must let our own humanity shine bright. If we say we stand for freedom and liberty, we must be consistent and not hypocritical.

At the end of the day, the solutions to all of the crises facing us really hinge on creating a new society. We need a reset, yes, but not The Great Reset advertised by the World Economic Forum and its derelict minions.

No, we need a reset in which the corrupting elements are cut out of the equation, and there's corruption absolutely everywhere. In the school system, our food system, financial system, the stock market, our regulatory agencies, all throughout government and our intelligence agencies. It's all rotten to the core. And we have but two choices: Accept the digital prison system handed down to us from the globalists, or rebuild our own parallel systems, outside of their control.” 

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