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Join Us Next Week for Three Illuminating Discussions!

On April 14, 15, and 16, Organic Consumers Association and Regeneration International will be hosting three livestreams exploring several facets of Regeneration—including the intersections of personal, soil, and planetary health.

Each of these live interviews will be hosted by OCA’s Political Director, Alexis Baden-Mayer, and feature a different all-star guest.

We invite you to view the event descriptions below, sign up as “Interested” or “Going,” and share with any friends who may be interested. 

On April 14 at 1:00 pm CDT, Watch and Share: Soil Carbon Goddess: A Conversation with Kiss the Ground Star Dr. Kris Nichols 

On April 15 at 12:30 pm CDT, Watch and Share: Poisoned for Profit: Kim Elia on Detoxing from Toxic Pesticides

On April 16 at 1:00 pm CDT, Watch and Share: Regenerative Organic Power Couple Eric Fuchs & Dr. Leanne Trostel on Clean Water for Human Health