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Slandering Vaccine Safety Concerns and Consumer Choice as “Disinformation”

As we’ve pointed out in recent issues, Facebook and the Silicon Valley promoters of Big Pharma products have threatened to “deplatform” OCA and our allies (and in some cases already have) for raising questions about the “official story” on COVID-19. 

Being deplatformed would cut us off from communicating with our 1.2 million Facebook followers about the origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19. To set the record straight, here is OCA’s position on vaccine safety, which applies to the current batch of Warp Speed experimental drugs, given Emergency Approval, for COVID-19:

The Organic Consumers Association is not “Anti-Vax,” but rather pro-vaccine safety. In addition to our concern over food and drug safety, we believe in an individual’s freedom of choice. The choice to vaccinate or not is a personal decision, not something to be dictated by Big Pharma corporations or non-elected medical Czars. Decisions of whether or not a person or their children should be vaccinated should be informed by full disclosure and careful and independent science.

Currently, most of the information about vaccines comes from the mainstream media (whose largest advertisers are Big Pharma), regurgitating propaganda from the pharmaceutical companies, who of course make enormous profits from selling vaccines. The corporate mass media’s supposedly factual information is compromised, since it arises from a clear conflict of interest.

For example, there has been almost no coverage of the fact that the new arsenal of COVID-19 vaccines, which are actually experimental drugs, and in some cases genetically engineered messenger RNA gene therapy drugs, never before injected into humans on a large scale, do not even claim, in their applications for emergency use approval from the government, to prevent infection, hospitalization, or death from COVID-19. 

The only official claim by the vaccine and gene therapy manufacturers is that their enormously profitable (subsidized by government and military funds) products can reduce some of the milder or non-life threatening symptoms of COVID-19. The mass media continue to gloss over the fact that there have already been several thousand reported deaths and tens of thousands of serious adverse reactions from injections with these drugs, not to mention suspected long-term damage to human immune systems and health, and that there is absolutely no reason for children to be vaccinated. 

And of course why should we be injecting experimental drugs into people at all when there are safe, effective, tried-and-true preventive measures (healthy food and natural health supplementation to strengthen our immune systems and generic drugs for at-home or outpatient treatment) to reduce the chances of hospitalization or death for those with serious pre-existing medical conditions.

As an independent, not-for-profit, public interest organization, OCA always strives to provide the evidence and facts that come from independent scientists, doctors and researchers. These non-Big Pharma healers and professionals have no financial conflicts of interest. Their interests lie in the health and safety of the wider population and their patients.

The OCA and other pro-vaccine safety groups are under attack from Big Pharma and the Silicon Valley billionaires who have invested heavily in Big Pharma. They realize that evidence-based facts, including the efficacy of healthy food, sunshine, and vitamin supplementation, are the biggest threats to them maximizing profits, while enjoying waivers of liability. Yet medical errors, adverse drug reactions, and medical malpractice remain the third leading cause of death in America.

Big Pharma and their allies want to stamp out freedom of speech, alternative medical information, and freedom of choice by banning us on social media and search engines. This is an attack on the very basis of freedom and democracy.

For a comprehensive look at the facts on COVID-19, here is a 186-page position paper. If you don’t have time to read this all at one sitting, please read the 17-page executive summary. 

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