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For 25 years OCA has campaigned against the hazards of scientists playing God, mixing, modifying, and engineering new genes, seeds, medicines, viruses, and microorganisms, aided and abetted by giant corporations, the Pentagon, and corrupt regulatory agencies and government officials. A decade ago we objected to the USDA allowing genetically engineered vaccines for animals to be allowed in organics.

Over and over again we have seen how patented, rushed to market, untested and unlabeled or mis-labeled genetic engineered foods, crops, trees, and bioweapons, and now gene-therapy vaccines, have wreaked havoc. Three years ago we began exposing the lies around the origins, nature, virulence, treatment, and prevention of COVID-19.

We promise to keep on exposing these out-of-control scientists, corporations, and politicians and to put an end to GMOs, bioweapons, and now mRNA “vaccines.” But we need your help.

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