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Brilliant Disguise

Polls show he's America's favorite doctor. In the official playbook of COVID-19, Anthony Fauci has been portrayed as a reassuring presence in a time of panic, inspiring trust that he was unbiased, non-partisan and strictly scientific.  

Democrats love him for the ease with which he made Donald Trump look bad. Republicans are less enamored, with some pointing to the work of scientist Judy Mikovits (Plague of Corruption), filmmaker Mikki Willis (Plandemic) and Dr. Joseph Mercola which has been steadily chipping away at Fauci’s sacred cow status.

But really, there’s no reason why the search for the truth about the origin of COVID-19 should be a political issue.

Fauci’s career at the NIAID goes back to 1968 and he has directed the nation’s policies on infectious diseases as chief since 1984.

That long career path has given him plenty of scope to militarize infectious disease research post-9/11, deny the evidence of the lab origins of COVID-19 and the legacy of dangerous lab leaks from “contained” facilities—all of which undoubtedly increased the inevitability of a pandemic.

Under that grandfatherly guise, the latest addition to our Gain of Function Hall-of-Shame has a lot to answer for.

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