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Press Pause

Never let a good crisis go to waste, right?

The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” sees COVID-19 as an opportunity to make a better world. But who gets to decide what “better” means?

The better world vision of the Great Reset is one designed by globalists and regulated by unelected officials. It includes a plan to transform the global food and agricultural systems and the human diet through genetically modified organisms, lab-made proteins and pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals.

Globalism as an ideal is losing ground everywhere as we begin to see the full extent of the damage it has caused to our world. The Great Reset is really an attempt at a Great Comeback for the global elite—at the very moment when we need to be focusing on the regional and local.

Make no mistake. From the soft authoritarianism of its name to the dizzying array of neoliberal capitalist think tanks that are behind the project, to the predictably reassuring public faces shilling for the initiative—among them Prince Charles, Greta Thunberg—this is a plan that has the power to derail real progress towards sustainability.

It’s time to press “pause” on this dangerous game. 

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