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It’s All Connected!

We recently hosted a fantastic webinar which looked at the connections between the multiple crises we are currently facing. 

Author and activist Bill McKibben, evolutionary biologist Stuart Newman, social theorist Marsha Darling spent a lively hour exploring the limitations of techno-utopianism—the idea that all our problems can be fixed by technology—and discussing how social movements can redirect science and technology toward a just and sustainable future. An essential conversation about how we can preserve our humanity—and diversity—in a genetically engineered age. 

“We live together on a planet and learning to acknowledge that ‘together’ part is got to be the ground zero for useful work on almost any of these crises that we face.” – Bill McKibben

“We're looking at very complex biological systems and the idea of ‘engineering’ them is almost a misconception because you can only engineer something that you understand the principles of. And we don't really really fully, understand how biological systems and organisms work.” – Professor Stuart Newman 


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