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Unintended Consequences

For those who find themselves with more free time than usual (and even for those who don't), here’s a longer-than-usual video of the week. It’s worth watching.

Robb Wolf interviews farmer/rancher Will Harris on his “Healthy Rebellion” show. Harris, a fifth-generation farmer in Bluffton, Georgia, recounts how his great-grandfather farmed, how his father transitioned to an industrial farming model after World War II, and how—and why—he (Harris) transitioned back to a regenerative model.

Harris explains how initially, it was his concern for animals that led him away from industrial agriculture and back to a model that allows animals to express their instinctive behaviors. 

One change led to another, until his farm, White Oak Pastures, ultimately became a model for regenerative agriculture.

Harris covers a lot of ground in this video, from the unintended (bad) consequences of industrial agriculture to the unintended (good) consequences of regenerative agriculture.

You want to watch this. Really.

Watch Robb Wolf’s interview with Will Harris of White Oak Pastures

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