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New Colombia President Slams Glyphosate ‘Poison’ in United Nations General Assembly Speech

OCA always tries to “connect the dots” between the issues that the media fails to cover. As we’ve written earlier, the fundamental reason we have an immigration crisis in the US (especially in the border areas) and Europe is because of poverty and violence. Most of the former US or European colonies in the global South are still ruled by oligarchs, military, and drug lords, aided and abetted by multinational corporations. These corrupt regimes continue to be propped up financially and militarily by the US and EU Establishment, (basically because they are profitable for multinational corporations and the military industrial complex), upholding an immoral and self-destructive foreign policy, including the “drug war” and “war on terrorism and communism” carried out by US CIA and DEA drug war operatives and their counterparts in the EU. Daily life for the overwhelming majority of people in the global South has become an ever more difficult struggle for survival and dignity. In many areas of Mexico and Latin America and the impoverished and violence-torn regions in Central America. Haiti, Venezuela, and much of Africa, life for the broad majority, especially rural people and those living in impoverished urban communities, has become intolerable.

In addition, degraded lands, agro-export, so-called Free Trade- controlled markets, and the climate crisis have made farming and grazing ever more difficult. OCA and Regeneration International’s years of ongoing work in rural Mexico, Africa, and Asia have taught us that organic and regenerative farmers, including young people, empowered to earn a decent living, have no desire to leave their families and their communities to immigrate to the US or Europe.

If we want impoverished, victimized, and desperate people to stay home and work and study instead of risking their lives to cross international borders in search of safety and a livable income, we need to help them achieve rural (and urban) prosperity, decriminalize all drugs (as Portugal has successfully done) and stop giving money and training to corrupt governments, police, and military. Wall or no walls, desperate and persecuted people will continue, by any means necessary, to make way to countries where they and their families can feel safe and earn a living.  Listen to the words of the new President of Colombia, calling for an end to the Drug War and the deadly spraying of Monsanto’s herbicide, glyphosate, on the croplands of Colombia and Latin America.

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