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“Happiness is No Longer Important”

Tessa Lena aka “Tessa Fighting Robots” warns us to pay close attention to the rhetoric of the Davos crowd, the World Economic Forum, who are telling us that, after the Great Reset “we will own nothing,” (Blackrock, Vanguard, and the billionaires will presumably own everything,) but that we—the commoners—will still be able to “live a psychologically rich life.” That is if we just learn to shut up, roll up our sleeves, and follow orders.  Basically, the elite are telling us that in the post COVID-19 era (endless pandemics, medical mandates, permanent wars, economic meltdown, and a terminal food/energy/climate crisis), we will need to lower our expectations and forget about being happy, much less prosperous.

As Tessa explains:

“The thing about tricksters is that they inevitably try to trick you. They play dirty. They promise you the sun and the moon to get you excited, then deliver a cockroach by the name of ‘The Sun and the Moon,’ and then look you straight in the eye and say that they’ve delivered.

Speaking of tricksters, meet the World Economic Forum.

Remember how they promised to us that ‘we’ll be happy’? Yeah, the other part of the promise was owning nothing, but they said that at least, we’ll be happy. Remember ‘happy’?

Guess what, no more ‘happy.’ The ‘owning nothing’ part is still there—but no more ‘happy.’ The new buzzword is ‘psychologically rich,’ which can be experienced during adversity. To make it brutally simple, what they are advertising now is ‘living in interesting times’ and accepting it with pleasure…

‘It’s going to suck,’ they are hinting. ‘You won’t have the things you are used to having, you’ll travel less, you won’t see your friends as much—but hey, your life will psychologically rich—and you’ll love it. If you don’t love it, you’ll still have to live it anyway, so you probably want to just love it.’

What they are not saying is that the crisis is their doing. They have designed and created the crisis that they are selling. It’s kind of like advertising the virtue of turning the other cheek to the person you are slapping...”

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