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Post-Vaccine Reset

World-renowned vaccine expert Dr. Tess Laurie reports:

“During the Covid-19 chapter, elected and unelected leaders have given Big Pharma corporations carte blanche to inject us with whatever they choose. They have lied to us about the effects of these injections and have been given indemnity from our harm. So, how do we let Big Pharma know that we will not tolerate this behavior? How do we hold them accountable? How do we fight back?

Here’s one way: we stay healthy. Big Pharma is in the business of disease, not good health. We are Big Pharma’s best customers when we remain sick, which is why chronic illness is very lucrative, as it means we are their customers for life! When we take responsibility and keep ourselves in the best possible health, we are not good customers.

However, Big Pharma corporations have their eyes on healthy people too. If they can persuade healthy people to take their drugs, they make even more money. This is why so much resource and focus get directed into vaccine development: vaccines are ostensibly given to us to prevent disease, not to treat it.  They are given to healthy people – they are given to everyone.

Big Pharma is about making Big Money, not about helping people stay healthy.  With this in mind, many people will and should be wary of taking any more of Big Pharma’s ‘vaccines’.  Joining the dots, I have recently come to realize that the lipid nanoparticle technology employed in the COVID-era vaccines – and which is partly responsible for the toxicity of these injections – may well already be deployed in the seasonal flu vaccines, shingle vaccines and others.  This lipid nanoparticle technology is also being experimented with for the delivery of other types of drugs, such as long-acting injections (also see here) being developed to re-purpose and profit from established medicines like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, as well as long-acting hormonal contraceptive injections. It is notable that Bill Gates – who has openly talked about the billions to be made from vaccines – has business interests linked to these injectable products… From all we have learnt through the COVID-19 experience, it is crystal clear that we can no longer trust the pharmaceutical manufacturers to tell us the truth about what is in their products, or trust them to test their products rigorously.

After much thought I have come to the conclusion that there is one campaign that will hurt Big Pharma: that is, No More Injections for healthy people. We have become so programmed to assume vaccines and contraceptives are safe that this may shock you.  But that’s just it: it’s programming. Not truth, just propaganda.”

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