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“Whoever wins the Presidential election in November must take agriculture antitrust enforcement seriously and stop the blatant, corrupt cronyism between government officials and Big Ag, or there will be no independent, family farm agriculture as we now know it.” — Ben Gotschall, Organization for Competitive Markets

Farmers have to deal with and overcome a lot of unknowns, from unpredictable weather to unwanted pest invasions.

They also have to deal with this known fact: The food & farming policy deck is, by design, stacked against them.

A new report by the Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) reveals just how stacked that deck is.

The report, titled “Captured: How Agribusiness Controls Regulatory Agencies and Harms Producers and Consumers,” also makes specific policy recommendations for leveling the playing field for independent family farmers. To illustrate how bad things are, OCM profiled a few farmers, including Wisconsin dairy farmer Saral Lloyd, who’s quoted in the press release:

“In these tumultuous times we see plainly that we need a truly transformational agriculture, not more business as usual. Unfortunately, the revolving door between the USDA, the check-off and the big corporations is squashing our opportunity for real change.”

OCM’s report highlights many of the reasons OCA, along with Regeneration International, last year launched the national coalition of U.S. Farmers & Ranchers for a Green New Deal.

It’s time for real change, real fast—not baby steps.

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