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Tyson the Terrible

There are a number of interesting companies vying for top honors in this year’s Corporate Accountability’s Corporate Hall of Shame contest—including McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. 

But we vote for Tyson. We hope you will, too. 

According to Corporate Accountability:

“Tyson nominated for not adequately addressing the protection of its workers from COVID-19 during a global pandemic, even when they were pressured to put people ahead of profits. Their inaction resulted in thousands of cases of the disease, and multiple deaths among its workers and their families.”

“Not adequately addressing” worker protections is an understatement. 

While Tyson lobbyists were crying crocodile tears on Capitol Hill, claiming the food supply chain would "break" unless Congress demanded slaughterhouse workers show up to work, tens of thousands of industry workers had already tested positive for COVID-19. The Counter reported:

“The meatpacking giant’s business practices during the pandemic have drawn increasing scrutiny as more information comes to light. Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker called for an investigation of Tyson and other meatpackers after the export data came to light. In May, the family of a meat cutter who contracted Covid-19 and died filed a lawsuit claiming the company failed to provide her with personal protective equipment.”

Tyson was terrible long before the pandemic.

In 2016, the Big Meat company was called out for being the No. 1 water polluter in the agribusiness sector. The company has faced multiple lawsuits over the years related to water pollution.

We sued Tyson last year for making false advertising claims. And we recently filed a related claim against Tyson with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Tyson also has a long history of cheating farmers (or contract growers, as the industry calls them).

We could go on. But we won't. Suffice it to say, Tyson plays prominently in our #BoycottBigMeat campaign. We'd love to see the meat giant get its due.

TAKE ACTION: Nominate Tyson for the Corporate Accountability Hall of Shame