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Could Electrosmog Be as Bad for Our Health as COVID Vaccines?

Dr. Tess Lawrie writes:

“As you well know, I am not exactly a fan of the Covid-19 injections. These so-called ‘vaccines’ are causing immeasurable harm and are so ineffective, they actually make one more likely to fall ill with Covid, not less.

Given you’re reading this, chances are you know all this and have [known] for a long time. I would also hazard a guess that if someone offered you a Covid vaccine or booster today, you would run a mile in the other direction. Many people have been prepared to lose jobs and livelihoods rather than get injected with these risky pharmaceuticals and lose their health, recognizing that the regulators have failed to do due diligence on our behalf and those pushing them are not to be trusted.

So, I’d like to suggest something that may seem radical, but bear with me. Having listened now to several experts and done a bit of my own research, I do believe we should have the same strength of feeling about electromagnetic pollution, otherwise known as electrosmog. That is, the vast and complex soup of radio frequency (RF) radiation emitted by masts, microwaves, mobile devices, Bluetooth speakers, SatNavs and so on, that we swim in every day.

Turns out there’s ample evidence that has been ignored and suppressed that shows that electrosmog is damaging to all life on this planet, including ours. With the aggressive introduction of 5G, this is potentially getting much worse – and this is something we’re going to explore…”

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