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Legitimate Question

“I don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory. I think it’s a legitimate question that needs to be investigated and answered. To understand exactly how this originated is critical knowledge for preventing this from happening in the future.” —Xiao Qiang, a research scientist at the School of Information at the University of California at Berkeley, said in a statement issued by the International Center for Technology Assessment

The director of the International Center for Technology Assessment (ICTA) has joined the call for a thorough investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

In an interview with Corporate Crime Reporter (CCR), Andrew Kimbrell said he rejects the idea that he and others who believe the virus originated in the Wuhan lab are conspiracy theorists. Kimbrell told CCR:

“This whole gain of threat research, there are many reputable scientists now saying – it gives you no information, it’s not useful for vaccines, it’s not useful for anything except for the curiosity and interest of this small group of scientists who do this research.”

The statement issued by ICTA calls for a moratorium on gain-of-function research, in part because:

“Gain of Function/Gain of Threat research to create novel pandemic viruses is now being practiced in laboratories around the globe mostly in secret, and no doubt, some of this research involves bioweapons research. This research now includes synthetic biology, synthetic virology, gene editing and other cutting edge technologies. It is difficult to fully and accurately assess the risk to public health from this research.”

Kimbrell said that because in the aftermath of COVID-19, billions are earmarked for coronavirus research, there is the “real possibility that a significant portion of these funds will be spent on this dangerous research which would increase the risk of future pandemics rather than lessen that threat.”

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