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'Patterns Everywhere'

“Everything is connected. Patterns everywhere.” - from the novel, “Be My Wolff,” by Emma Richler

It’s all coming together. 

Genetic engineering of foods bringing us pesticides like Roundup, that weaken our immune systems.

An industrial food system making us overweight and undernourished, and exposing us to a wide range of illness-inducing chemicals.

Gain of function “research” bringing us genetically engineered viruses designed to be as lethal as possible—especially for the obese and immune system-compromised.

Systemic policy failures fomenting civil unrest among populations that have been marginalized and disenfranchised, and left to bear a disproportionate share of the burden of environmental pollution, lack of access to decent jobs, good food, affordable healthcare—and now, heightened vulnerability to a global pandemic.

Patterns everywhere.

Never has it been more critical that we recognize that everyone, everything, is connected.

It's no longer enough to just bring down one corporation, or one industry. It's no longer enough to fight for just one policy reform, to make just one demand.

It's time to take a holistic view toward solving the multiple crises we face. It's time to demand nothing short of radical systems reform.

If all we do is settle, we'll all fail.

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