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Pet Project

Our “Myth of Natural” campaign is one of our pet projects—now, we’ve taken that project to the pet food aisle.

Champion Petfood, which sells pet food under the Orijen and Acana brand names, claims some of its pet foods contain “free-run” chicken. 

In fact, Champion sources its chicken from industrial factory farms, where chickens not only don’t have “free-run” privileges—they’re actually crammed by the tens of thousands into windowless buildings. During their short lives, they never set foot outdoors.

Champion’s pet food brands make other false marketing statements, including this one on the Acana website:

“Raised under the highest standards for animal care and food safety by people we know and trust, on family-run American farms, our free-run poultry and cage-free eggs are nourishing, natural, and antibiotic free.” 

In fact, that farmer depicted on the website, whom Champion purportedly “knows and trusts” as Todd of Clark Farms? He’s actually Greg Hefton, a contract grower for Tyson Foods—the largest industrial poultry producer in the U.S.

We know your pets don’t read labels and websites. But you do. And we think pet food makers shouldn’t be allowed to make false and misleading statements. 

So this week, on behalf of you, your pets and truth and transparency in labeling, we sued Champion.

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