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Tell Congress: Don't You Dare Bail Out Big Meat!

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pink piglet hogs at a factory farm CAFO

As COVID-19 swept through U.S. meatpacking plants (slaughterhouses currently account for almost half of the country’s hotspots), plants closed, leaving farmers with millions of animals they couldn’t get to market. This prompted Tyson to take out an ad in the New York Times, warning that the “food supply chain is breaking.” 

But COVID-19 didn’t break the food system. The four Big Meat titans—Tyson, Smithfield, JBS and Cargill—broke the supply chain. They did it by forcing consolidation in the meatpacking industry, which ultimately created another “too big to fail” industry.

Congress has a plan to save Big Meat, by taking an old law intended to help family farmers in times of crisis, and turning it into a rescue plan for big corporations.

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