GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) LABELING UNDER ATTACK IN FAST TRACK!

December , 2001

Fast Track Vote Scheduled for December 6th!

Call your Representative at

1-800-393-1082 (AFL-CIO) or 1-888-832-4246 (Chamber of Commerce) and say NO to Fast Track ( H.R. 3005) !


Please take action on this urgent issue that attacks GMO labeling laws!

Bill HR 3005 -- known as "Fast Track" or "Trade Promotion Authority" -- is scheduled for a vote in
the US House of Representatives on December 6th. Fast Track is Bad for Workers, Bad for Consumers, Bad for Family Farmers, Bad for the Environment! We need to have ALL our grassroots out in force calling Representatives telling them to vote against this bill. If passed, Fast Track would allow the President to negotiate trade pacts like the Free Trade Area of the Americas (NAFTA on steroids for the hemisphere) without any input from Congress. Congress would tie its own hands by committing itself to a procedure that allows only 20 hours of debate followed by an yes or no vote with no amendments or changes on trade agreements that are brought to Congress already "signed, sealed and delivered" by the President. What this means in practice is that Congress has no leverage and no ability to fight an absence of labor, human rights or environmental provisions in the final pact! But if Fast Track fails, we have a good chance of stopping the FTAA! Pro-GMO legislators have sneakily put in language in HR 3005 that would make GMO labeling ILLEGAL as well as eliminating the precautionary principle for GMO regulation by declaring them "barriers to trade."

The House GOP leadership has decided that it is "now or never" for a vote on Fast Track. DeLay, Armey and co. have announced that they have set the date of a vote for Thursday the 6th of December. While they still do not have the votes lined up yet to pass Fast Track, they hope that by putting it on the calendar will force Members to take a position with nasty GOP leadership coercion for those who refuse. Meanwhile, the corporate lobby has intensified its efforts. Plus, the White House has set up one on one meetings lobby meetings. The bottom line is: They do not have the votes and can only win if we let our victory slip away! There will be enormous pressure put on the Representatives from the White House, the business lobby, the GOP leadership and all the other "free-traders" - and it will be hard for some Members we need to vote with us to stand up to these forces. We MUST help them stand firm by constantly reminding them that the people who put them in office are counting on them to oppose Fast Track.


CALL your Member of Congress and express your opposition to Fast Track.. Ask for the chief of staff, legislative director or the trade aide. Demand to know the Representative’s position on HR 3005(Fast Track) legislation coming for a vote on December 6th.

THANK Members who commit against Fast Track and ask for their commitment in writing to be sent to you immediately.

SLAM Members who are in favor of Fast Track - we’ll remember in November!

PROVIDE INFORMATION along with a dose of political persuasion to Members who are undecided.

SEND a ready made email to Congress:



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