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HAMBURG, April 22 (Reuter) - Environmental group Greenpeace said it staged a protest on Tuesday over the use of transgenic soymeal at a compound feed plant operated by Raiffeisen HG Nord AG in Rendsburg .

Greenpeace activists had hung banners from the roof of the plant calling for an end to the use of gene-soy in animal feeds, it said in a statement.

The organisation criticised Raiffeisen's use of meal derived from transgenic soybeans in its total 20 million tonnes a year compound feed production.

Greenpeace said 70 percent of German farmers opposed the use of feedstuffs containing genetically modified raw materials.

The organisation says the new soybeans, developed by U.S.

chemicals firm Monsanto , may bring unknown health risks.

Greenpeace wants gene-modified raw materials to be traded and labelled separately.

07:49 04-22-97

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